3AK Melbourne

Pete Smith Carols by Candlelight 2013
Former 3AK Good Guy Pete Smith doing a fantastic job with the audience warmups at Carols by Candlelight in Melbourne on Christmas Eve 2013. Photo taken by me.

Mike Nicholls, 3AK, at the Royal Melbourne Show in September 1972. Photo taken by me.

Here is a great promotional card of the 3AK Good Guys from 1969. The image is a scan of the original card that I still have. You can even see the staple marks in the corners from when I displayed it on my noticeboard all those years ago!
3AK Good Guys
Lionel Yorke, Bill Howie, Grantley Dee, Peter Smith, Graeme Boyd and Paul Jennings, 3AK, 1969

Original 3AK masts, Balwyn
Original 3AK masts at 8 Yerrin St, Balwyn. Photo taken in the early 1930s by Bruce Wayman, whose father had an optician business in Whitehorse Rd, near where the Woolworths store is today. The house at 8 Yerrin St has since been demolished and is now part of the Woolworths car park. Photo kindly supplied by Ken Lyall of the Balwyn Historical Society.

3AW Melbourne

Bruce Mansfield & Philip Brady, 3AW
Bruce Mansfield and Philip Brady, 3AW. Sadly Bruce passed away on 17 April 2016

3KZ Melbourne

 Adam Joseph, 3KZ, 1974-75 and 1979-80, 8pm till midnight. Many thanks to Adam for the photo.

Ric Melbourne, 3KZ, 1977. Photo kindly supplied by Ric who now lives in Queensland. Ric can be heard live on weekdays from 8am (Qld time) via his great on-line radio station

3KZ Most Happy Fellas
3KZ's most happy fellas Peter Van, John Bright, John Jones, Paul Konik, Bill Rule, Gary Newton, Tony Hartney, Mike Menner and Peter Adams from around 1973. 
With thanks to Mike Menner for the photo.
Here is a great collection of nine postcards produced by 3KZ in 1969. These images are also scans of my original cards that I still have, also complete with the staple marks!
John Bright, 3KZ, 1969. Sadly John (real name John Breit) passed away on 19 June 2013 in Nambour, Queensland, aged 78 years.
Jim Hilcke
Jim Hilcke, 3KZ, 1969
John Jones, 3KZ, 1969
Peter Leslie
Peter Leslie, 3KZ, 1969
Keith Livingston
Keith Livingston, 3KZ, 1969
Rex Mitchell
Rex Mitchell, 3KZ, 1969
Gary Nicholls
Gary Nicholls, 3KZ, 1969
Jon Royce
Jon Royce, 3KZ, 1969
Bill Rule
Bill Rule, 3KZ, 1969. Sadly Bill passed away on 16 May 2010 in Melbourne, aged 67 years.
3LO Melbourne

 Richard Combe
 Richard Combe, 3LO, 1970

3MP Mornington Peninsula

Former 3MP presenter Paul Higgins sitting on the back of the 3MP fire truck during Melbourne's Moomba Parade in March 1979. Paul is now the weather presenter for ABC Melbourne television news, weeknights at 7pm. Also on board are Dave Wallen and Leigh Miller on the left side facing the camera and John Allen on top looking away to the right. Photo taken by me.

3UZ Melbourne

3UZ Poster, 1980s
David Jones, Leon Byner, John O'Donnell, Mike Ahern and Kevin John, 3UZ, early 1980s
3UZ poster, 1980s
3UZ poster, early 1980s (page 2)

7AD Devonport

7AD brochure 1969 - page 1
7AD brochure 1969 - page 2
7AD brochure 1969 - page 3
7AD brochure 1969 - page 4 

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